We love hearing from our customers. Just listen to what people are saying about John Soules Foods products!


“Thank you for making such a great product! I recently started a diet program, and your pre-cooked, pre-seasoned meats are an AMAZING time saver for me and my family! Since my family doesn’t have their calories or foods restricted, making myself a quick meal and still giving them what they want is absolutely possible…until they saw how amazing my food looked, then they wanted it! Now everyone in my home is eating healthier and easier thanks to your products!” – Amber Cox

“I love all of your products. Very tasty and easy to prepare. I spend at least $50 a month on your products. My son who is incarcerated depends on your food. He cooks them with beans and rice. The beef and different flavored chicken are so good. My family loves it.” – Jacqueline Henry

“I work overnight at Walmart and by the time my shift ends I just want to get home and unwind. I buy a few bags of your John Soules chicken fajitas and know I have a good meal waiting in just a few minutes! I enjoy your products very much!” – Marc Parsons

“Just wanted to let you know that I purchased my first product from your company, at Giant Food. I selected the Certified Angus Steak Strips for use in a salad for dinner. As a steak lover, I’m always skeptical about purchasing pre-cooked products, but this one was excellent. I’m looking forward to trying some of your other products now. Well done!” – Ken Bonner

“I discovered your amazing line of products while shopping at Ralph’s and so pleased that I did!!! I absolutely love your fully cooked chicken breast strips. Not only are they delicious and super convenient to use they are also antibiotic free which is extremely important to me. I am a recent breast cancer survivor and have made a lot of changes to my diet in regards to ready to use foods to reduce chemicals and nitrates and yours were a most pleasant surprise. And they taste fabulous!! Everything that I want and nothing that I don’t. I especially love the ready cooked chicken strips as they are perfect for my hectic lunches at work-so versatile and easy to use. You have a very pleased family of customers for life.” – Vicky Haddy

“The absolutely best juiciest beef fajitas ever!! Bought the 24 oz size and I was able to make 6 hearty size plates. It will definitely be on the top of my next shopping list.” – Gloria Marx

“I have just discovered your products in the Freezer Section!!! Gluten Free and Low Carbs grabbed my attention so much it went home with me. It was so delicious. Living with Gluten Allergy along with Diabetes Type 2. It is hard to find the best of both worlds. I can’t wait to try all the other flavors. They are on my shopping list. Thank You Again.” – Colleen Brown

“The Chicken Fajita’s are AMAZING. I just finished having them for dinner and my husband and I said they were better than any restaurant Fajita. I bought these at Sam’s Club and I am hoping they have some next week when I go back. Is there a way to order on line somehow, as there is only one store that shows within 50 miles of my location. Definitely need these in my freezer!!” – Debbie Cross

“THANK YOU for providing a gluten free product. It is so hard to find a good gluten free product and yours is superior to all of the others.” – Benjamin B Wells

“I am 52 years old and I just wanted to say thank you guys for helping me raise all 6 of my children with your products. I could not have done it without you. All my children buy your products and we love the taste and family get togethers would not be the same without out you guys. Now with family get togethers we all sit down to quality meals and are not working on the grand kids to love your products. Thanks again.” – Mike Sherman

“I just recently discovered your ready to eat chicken strips and it has became a staple in our household! Completely amazing and the quality supersedes that of Tyson’s equivalent!!” – Teresa Rosso

“The Angus Carne Asada is delicious. I have never enjoyed the flavor or texture of packaged frozen meet. However, John Soules Foods changed my mind. My steak soft tacos quickly went from stovetop to tabletop. I hope my local supermarket continues to stock John Soules Food. Thank you.” – Linda Tuttle

“THE BEST ready to cook seasoned an marinated Beef & Chicken Fajitas on the market.You can’t go wrong with John Soules.” – Mark Wegmann

“LOVE YOUR FAJITA CHICKEN!!!I buy so much of this and we love it. For frozen chicken, it tastes wonderful and not frozen. We use it in chicken salad, fajitas and just by itself for our little guy! If you ever offer coupons, please add me to the list. Thank you!!” – Tammy Mikus

“The fajitas that we brought at Sam’s are just wonderful! I have Celiac Diease the worst and highest level.Could we order directly from the company?” – Linda Cortez

“I just wanted to say thank you for making a great tasting hormone free, steroid free chicken strip product. I have tried several varieties and love them!” – Shiree Sayad