ProductDevelopmentThe John Soules Foods Research and Development Department is comprised of the Corporate Executive Chef and Sr. Food Scientist. Their combined experience allows customers to create proprietary items as well as matching existing items. The R&D department has a broad knowledge of flavors and functional ingredients to provide rapid turnaround on both flavor and product functionality to meet specific client needs. Strong relationships with the nations leading spice blending and functional ingredient companies, allow for open access to new ingredients, ingredient formulation and new ingredient technology, for revisions or new concepts to be produced in a timely and cost effective manor.

In 2006, a new R&D facility was incorporated into the plant expansion, allowing new equipment to be
utilized in mimicking production process and capabilities to ensure a smooth transition of conceptual products into consistent production of the new items. With the current equipment utilized in the R&D department, approximately 90% of John Soules Foodsproduction can be mimicked in an isolated environment to ensure new product quality and safety. Good working relationships with production floor managers and employees ensure the ease of testing new products in actual production equipment, as well as ensuring seamless transition into the production process.