Savory Chicken Sopes

In the state-of-the-art cooking facilities at Sysco Central Texas, Goodtaste teamed up with Executive Corporate Chef Lance Youngs of John Soules Foods for a quick lesson in an awesome product that’s agreeable across the board…our fully-cooked, grilled chicken fajitas.

John Soules Foods Chicken Fajitas are equally easy for restaurateurs and folks at home alike — just warm and serve! Banquets, buffets or your own backyard, you’ll save time in preparation for a result that’s just as juicy and tender as you can imagine.

Chef Lance decided to go with a spin on a traditional sope (or ‘gordita’). Seared on a flat top griddle, then into the fryer it goes! These Grilled Chicken Sopes are piled high with fresh ingredients like slices of avocado, oven-roasted tomatoes, black beans, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and a dash of cilantro lime vinaigrette for that extra oomph! to your flavor.

There is no wrong way to go about constructing your sope…it’s certainly a vehicle for many fun combinations!  Ours came together in minutes.  Now it’s your turn…

Colorado Marinated Inside CAB Skirt Torta

Executive Corporate Chef Lance Youngs of John Soules Food is serving up a steak that has a higher marbling, richness, flavor and moistness. This Certified Angus Beef is as good as it gets…

The entree in question is a Colorado Marinated Inside CAB Skirt Torta packed with healthy slices of avocado, cilantro…pickled jalapeños — options are endless. Sysco supplies this great quality product in a light marinade that’s neutral in profile. This allows the customer more versatility with room to add a restaurant’s own signature flavor profile to the meat. Whether your aim is high-end dining or your neighborhood Tex Mex joint, this beef grades Prime and Top 1/3 Choice!

Chef Lance lends a few tips on how to properly cook & cut your inside skirt. Our range was medium rare – medium to maintain juiciness, while cutting across the grain of the steak. Plate on a bed of colorful, shredded jicama slaw…looking good. And tasting GREAT!